Payment Failure Problem

There are several possible reasons for payment failure, as follows:

1.Do not honour/Payment Declined:The cardholder needs to call the issuing bank and explain that the payment was made by themselves. Once authorized by the cardholder, the payment will be processed.

2.As this is the first time making a purchase in CoolJordan, the credit card may experience risk detection. We need you to provide the following photo to our customer service personnel to take a photo of the credit card (only the first 4 and last 4 digits of the credit card number need to be clearly displayed. For your safety, the middle digits can be blurred).

3.The cardholder's recent frequent or high payment amounts have triggered the bank's risk control rules, so the bank has rejected this transaction. Please contact the bank to indicate that the payment was made in person, or will be made after a period of time, or to exchange a bank card.

4.If you are a registered member of CoolJordan or a customer who has previously purchased, please contact our customer service and we will submit corresponding chat screenshots to the bank, representing the authenticity of the transaction.

5.If you still cannot complete the payment after multiple attempts or have any other issues, please contact our customer service, and we also support PayPal payment

Here is our contact information:

Email: [email protected]